Feelin some type of way about somethin? Yea, so am I and I plan to tell you about it every chance I get. Got somethin to say? Post away. Afterall, all bitter, jaded, and crankypants people need an outlet. Now ya have one.
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i want to hold this in front of the anorexic bitch who was just standing on the corner commenting on how fat everyone was and how ugly that makes them until she cries and tries to grab it from my hand only to throw it on the ground and stomp on it….what? I’ll stop judging your shitty attitude when you stop judging everyone else who doesn’t look like you. 

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i shall begin with this bottle made of glass immediately

i shall begin with this bottle made of glass immediately

You’re’ve had soft boiled eggs shoved up your ass everywhere…and shoved up everywhere.

-back fence banter

  • Clinic assistant- how does it feel when you're tired?
  • Rahkiim- you feel fucking tired you moron. What do you think being tired feels like?
  • clinic assistant- I guess being tired.
  • Rahkiim- I'm sorry what? Get over there. Don't come near me. I don't wanna catch your stupidity. I'm too tired.
  • Lmao

-Husband- I was in the marines for 4 yrs. -jim- wow. Really? Good for you. because I don’t care if you never you never made it out of boot camp you’ve done more in those 4 years than I have done in my entire life..and I’m well past 50. -husband- *gets up..gets teary, gives Jim a dap .

I’ve never been more proud in my life.

The back fence.

Meet someone in bar on Saturday

Decide he’s absolutely my kinda perfect even after finding out how much baggage he drags along with him.

Spend every day with him since Saturday.

Totally convinced he’s “the one” by Tuesday night.

I think it’s probably feeling some type of way bout the same type of thing…

Guess it’s time to admit that i do believe in this love thing afterall….

So much for taking it slow.

*looks at Eli’s face after the last play and pretends to be him….

Huh? What happened? I fucked up? Damnit…somebody give me my cell phone. * picks up imaginary phone n txts peyton.

Pey….Whattt doooo I doooooo…..?

Lmao I love him.

Say what’s real.

Cuz to have known me would mean that there’s a new me and if u think I changed in the slightest coulda fooled me.


It doesn’t matter if your face looks fat…you’re still a frat-jock.
Tali Keteri

Why yes…yes I do. Oh…which one , you ask? bout fight first and then fuck? I like that idea. Get on it bitch. 

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I’m drinking one in honor of the fact that I want you here next to me drinking one yourself

Yep..ima just sit here and cry now.
Does that make me a coward?
Does it make me weak?
Does it seem pathetic?
Do I care what it makes me?
Truth is, it doesn’t matter. There’s no one here to watch the tears roll down my face and pass that judgement upon me.
So ima cry until I feel better.
Ima cry until I stop
Ima cry because my heart needs a release
and I am never going to fucking apologize for it.

You shouldn’t either.

Tali Keteri

It’s pretty bad when the only man around to offer some support and assistance in a medical emergency is the married man with 2 kids who’s supposed to be nothing but a good friend. I find myself catching feelings….not because I’m going to do anything about (for god’s sake he’s married) but because he’s there. I guess it’s an emotional attachment if you will.

 Funny how the men who have been around for over 10 years claiming how much they love me and adore me are no where to be found and are too busy bitching about how they scuffed their new pair of jordan’s and didn’t get a large fry with their fucking value meal. Now I realize that I have cut a lot of these fuckers off just for that reason alone but christ…is it too much to ask to have one of these people who said they’d always be there…who annoyed me for years and years telling me that they’d never crawl out of my ass if something bad happened ….who ran around telling everyone who would listen that I would be sick of them by the time it was all over because even if I didn’t want to be bothered and couldn’t admit to needing help, they’d be be here.  To sit here and drink a beer with me….make fun of my terrible medical luck, watch a horror movie, and give me a fucking hug? 

No, that too much to ask for?

I guess.

Fuck that shit. 

People always ask why I don’t trust anyone and why I always try to go it on my own…because when I can finally admit that I do need one of those people to hold me down like I always did for them they are too busy with themselves to even notice that I need them. Then they’re the first people to bitch when I’m not cleaning up the mess that is their lives even though mine is shattered on the ground right beside theirs.




"Ain’t no problem in this life that cannot be solved with a hot cuppa tea. And a sawed-off shotgun."

I say this to people like 52398423049 times a my head. Cuz I know if I say it to them for real they’ll just keep f’in talking. 

I say this to people like 52398423049 times a my head. Cuz I know if I say it to them for real they’ll just keep f’in talking.